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A BIG Thank You to all our new listeners!! Our listening level has DOUBLED!!!!  Thanks for dropping by! 

If you are having issues with music pausing on your mobile or tablet device, just switch to your favorite browser and listen there...we are working with Live365.com on the app issue...

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  FHLRadio.com is a new thought in music, a theme. The music played here with the help of online support through Live365 puts focus on what the song says, and not who sings it or what kind of category it belongs in. Since there is only one stream, FHL does try to keep the melodies similar for longer listening. With your help, we would like to offer separate versions of the FHL theme for hard rock lovers, Christian music ears, or soft contemporary - just to name a few. If you do want to continue hearing FHL, please support us by using other parts of the Bigsite.us network sites listed above. We can also certainly put your two cents worth into new songs or more streams with enough help on a monetary end with a donation (link coming soon). If not, you still deserve a thank you for turning on and listening to FHLradio.com. Thank You!

Don't forget to send us your input! FHL encourages music suggestions and comments at FHLRadio@bigsite.us

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